So, this website isn't telling you enough now, is it?

Ya wanna know more?

Hide the Arcturian Brandy and put away your preconceived Ideas! Monkey Scribe's coming to your town soon!

Just so you know, I am available to come visit you for a workshop or lecture series! This can be more fun than an barrel of flarbingles! I can provide you with the following:

  • Great introductory talks
  • Approachable and easy to understand
  • simplification of complex timing matrixes
  • Full weekend workshops
  • Private tutorial sessions
  • in Depth Galactic Signature Readings
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced teachings
  • Dreamspell, Telektonon, 20 tablets, Tzolkin, 13 Moon calendar, signatures/astrology
What are my creds?
  • Steering committee and navigation council member of PAN Cascadia for 4 years
  • Attended, facilitated, and taught at the 1st National Earth Wizard's Seminary Held in the United States
  • Taught and facilitated numerous workshops on all apsects of the Dreasmpell
  • Community activist and liaison for three organizations in the Pacific Northwest
  • I have traveled to Palenque, Tula, Mexico City, and Copan, and I STILL want to go back!
  • Taught computer software classes at the vocational level, various managerial positions, and personal coaching training(I was even Santa's boss!*)
  • taught workshops to over 100 people at two String Cheese Incident Summer Camps
  • Currently writing the first in a series of four books on the mythos of the galactic signature

Here is a sample of how a workshop might be set up:
Friday Night: public lecture on an aspect of the work 7-9:30PM
Saturday: weekend workshop 10-6
Sunday:Weekend workshop10-6
Monday: Personal Signature readings, Tutorials, Advanced work

What can/do I talk about?

Here's a smattering of what I can discuss/spout off about/lecture on:

  • Many of the original teachings of Jose Arguelles(Dreamspell, Telektonon, etc)
  • Galactic Synchronization
  • How to live a life more in tune with the 1320 timing frequency
  • Astronomical archetypes and significance
  • living the calendar as a daily practice
  • living your life as a hero/ine of your own myth
  • embracing archetypal astrology and its implications
  • The evolution and opportunities of becoming a Galactic Human


If you are interested in hosting the monkey scribe for a weekend workshop series, or other special event, please contact the hardware store and we'll zip packet out to ya. (Certain terms and conditions will apply depending upon the event. Don't be afraid, its just the legal stuff!)



*you'll have to write me in private and find out about that one!