Tzolkin 101

Please put your pencils down! This is Indigenous Knowledge and no notes are required!

Welcome to the Ancient timing frequencies of the Maya as expressed through the Dreamspell Matrix

Each day is a new day with new and unexplored domains of imagination and possibility. No more will there be 'just another Monday' or 'same s**t different day'. Each day has a unique quality that is alchemy of the mind with the synchrony of the universe. You are about to embark upon a journey like no other of the mind and heart . This matrix of the Tzolkin and the Dreamspell allows for you to explore yourself, your surroundings, and the events of your life as symbolic and evolutionary. Time is now changed for you; time is creative, and constantly expanding and progressing towards a fully synchronic and harmonic symphony of significance. You are now stepping into the realm of the archetype, the world of the ever-creative heart and mind, and the manifestation of conscious thought made real.

Here's how you do it...

Moving through the energies day by day...

Each day is a combination of one of thirteen tones (elements of movement)

and one of twenty tribes (elements of measure).

So each day is a step on the journey of the interlacing of movement and measure. To enter into the Tzolkin codes in the easiest fashion is to ask the questions of the tones and answer them with the wisdom of the tribes. On the following pages you will find the qualities of each tone and tribe in a question and answer format. Each day, consult these charts to engage the qualities of the day. You may discover a remarkable thing, regardless of whether or not you are conscious of the signature of a particular day, if you look back into what happened, you would discover that one or more elements of that particular signature became evident on that day. Feel free to dive in as deeply as you wish! There are plenty of interlacing patterns and cycles to support your explorations. We will be exploring some of the essential ones here in Tzolkin 101